Laser Gum Therapy

Laser Gum Therapy

Precision Healing: Laser Gum Therapy

Laser Gum Therapy is a minimally invasive dental procedure that utilizes laser technology to treat gum disease by removing diseased tissue, disinfecting the area, and promoting gum tissue regeneration.

Laser gum therapy offers a gentle, precise approach to restoring gum health, ensuring a brighter smile and improved oral well-being

Procedure :

  1. Assessment: The dentist evaluates the extent of gum disease using clinical examination and may utilize imaging techniques to assess the condition of the gums and underlying bone.
  2. Preparation: Before the procedure, the dentist will clean the teeth and gums thoroughly to remove any plaque or tartar buildup.
  3. Laser Treatment: A specialized dental laser is used to precisely target and remove diseased gum tissue while leaving healthy tissue intact. The laser also helps to disinfect the area by killing bacteria.
  4. Debridement: Any remaining calculus or debris is removed from the root surfaces using ultrasonic or manual instruments.
  5. Hemostasis: The laser aids in sealing blood vessels, minimizing bleeding, and promoting faster healing.
  6. Tissue Regeneration: Laser energy stimulates the growth of new gum tissue and promotes attachment to the tooth surface, aiding in the regeneration of healthy gums.
  7. Follow-up Care: Patients are provided with instructions on proper oral hygiene practices and may need to attend follow-up appointments to monitor healing and ensure the success of the treatment.
  8. Maintenance: Regular dental check-ups and cleanings are essential to maintain gum health and prevent the recurrence of gum disease.

Laser gum therapy is highly effective in treating various stages of gum disease, from mild gingivitis to severe periodontitis. Its precision and minimal discomfort make it an attractive option for patients seeking advanced gum disease treatment with quicker recovery times and improved outcomes.



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